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I commonly lean towards non-narrative and generalistic readings, aiming to draw links between concepts originating from diverse sources. I prefer articles, research papers, or practical exploration when it comes to comprehensively understanding a specific technology. Also, I advocate for quitting books, different levels of reading and taking notes. Among others, here's a collection of books that had a significant impact on me:

  • How to think like a roman emperor book cover
    How to think like a roman emperor
    Donald Robertson
    I highly recommend this book for mindfulness enthusiasts. It presents key Stoicism concepts in a narrative way through historical examples, along with practical tools to use in your daily life.
  • The Software Engineer's Guidebook book cover
    The Software Engineer's Guidebook
    Gergely Orosz
  • Software Engineering at Google book cover
    Software Engineering at Google
    Titus Winters, Hyrum Wright, Tom Manshreck
  • Hidden Potential book cover
    Hidden Potential
    Adam Grant
    I became a huge fan of Adam Grant thanks to his ReThinking podcast. In this book he shows cases of successful people unveiling the hidden and intricate processes that led to their immense growth potential. It gave me notions and pragmatic examples on how to make the “growth mindset” concepts more actionable and helped me re-thinking where success truly reside.
  • Clear Thinking book cover
    Clear Thinking
    Shane Parris
  • Cloud Native Patterns Designing book cover
    Cloud Native Patterns Designing
    Cornelia Davis
  • Clean Architecture book cover
    Clean Architecture
    Robert C. Martin
    I am pleased that this book was part of my early, detailed readings in my academic journey. Its core concepts continue to hold their significance and have a wide-ranging applicability across the industry.
  • Small Data book cover
    Small Data
    Martin Lindstrom
    Martin Lindstrom's work provides deep insights for comprehending the nuances of people's behaviors and reasonings. While his work is primarily associated with branding, I find key concepts relevant to digital products as well.
  • The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem book cover
    The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
    Nathaniel Branden
    Technical, social or physical skills are not the only ones you can work on. This book helps to understand how to concretely be aware and improve a personality trait making it an asset for your daily life.
  • Predictably Irrational book cover
    Predictably Irrational
    Dan Ariely
    This was my first insight on cognitive economics. I found myself fascinated by the influence psychology wields in the product industry. This book highlights the necessity of taking into account customer behavior when designing products and making marketing choices, a principle that is just as applicable to the domain of digital products
  • Refuse to Choose! book cover
    Refuse to Choose!
    Barbara Sher
    As someone who thrives on learning and shifting focus between different projects without committing to one for too long, this book’s insights have provided me with clarity. Thanks to Barbara Sher, who calls folks like me 'scanners', I now see this trait in a whole new light and am making the most of it.
  • Dieci Cose da Sapere sull’Economia Italiana book cover
    Dieci Cose da Sapere sull’Economia Italiana
    Alan Friedman
    My father and I have listened to Alan Friedman's interviews on the national car radio for years. He gifted me this book, which allowed me to understand the intricate mechanisms behind a nation's economy, specifically the tragic Italian one.
  • The Intelligent Investor book cover
    The Intelligent Investor
    Benjamin Graham
  • Quantum Physics for Poets book cover
    Quantum Physics for Poets
    Leon Lederman, Christopher Hill
    This was my teenage approach to Quantum Physics while binge-watching Kurzgesagt. I felt in love with the way science can be narratively taught as opposed to the school traditional method.
  • The Theory of Everything book cover
    The Theory of Everything
    Stephen Hawking
  • How Google Works book cover
    How Google Works
    Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg
  • Siddhartha book cover
  • The Art of Happiness book cover
    The Art of Happiness
    Daila Lama
  • Dance Music Manual book cover
    Dance Music Manual
    Rick Snoman
    Electronic music production is an hobby of mine. This book enriched my knowledge of music theory. It is an essential reading for anyone in the field.
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